"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

marble slab romance...again.

so today like i predicted was not exciting...

but here is what went down last night. i was looking at prom pictures and thinking hey these are just mine i forgot he had some on there too so why dont i look at them...oh yeah they arent there!!! yeah he deleted all of the pictures of just me and him. i find this entirely depressing. so i texted him saying "alright so can i ask why you took off all of the prom pictures?" 30 mins later"im not mad or anything just surprised "i really wasnt mad and only surprised i didnt expect him to do that but i did at the same time. i knew he did it with his ex but i thought that was more because she was bitchy. i didnt think he would do it though because we ended better, kind of, and he broke my heart so he should feel bad about that. anyways his reply in the morning was "i just always do it eventually" 2 hours later"sorry : (" when i woke up "okay its nothing to be sorry about i just wanted to make sure you werent like ashamed of me or anything" response "no i just never keep up pictures of people i used to date its just a thing of mine" reply "haha thats cute" end of conversation. that was my night. woke up went to lunch with haley and kailey went home forgot to make kelseys cd and then went to volleyball. went to dinner with the team and then won a game. my life is a broken record. plus side cmac announced that we are going straight to schiliterbahn tomorrow before our tournament....EXCITED!!! yesss i was suppose to go with him and his friends and then we broke up. its whatever. but i still get to go...woohoo! so that will be out of the norm and exciting and fun and a bunch of other adjectives i cant think of. i finished packing about 10 minutes ago and im pretty confident that my duffel will not weigh over or even close to 36.6 pounds like it did last weekend..yeah it was ridiculous. SCHOOL STARTS IN 6 days!!!!!! im soooooo ready for school because this year will be a good year i can feel it. oh! kailey told me today that there is another guy working at marble slab that is about 6'2 (hopefully taller) named something i cant pronounce because he is russian and he is really hott. i told her to hook me up. on one hand i dont think i can handle another marble slab romance but on the other he is tall russian and hott. so i think the other hand might win on this one...yeah dont judge me.

moving on...maybe to russia,

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