"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Monday, August 23, 2010

the right word is...

the first day was everything i imagined and more!!!!! i have amazing classes with a bunch of friends and fun teachers. this year will be awesome. no doubt. unlike last year when i had crappy teachers crappy classes with no friends at all. it was super. junior year will be epic. tomorrow we play cinco ranch for volleyball with means i have to see someone im not too fond of from my club team...blah oh well we will beat them and then leave no big deal but i also get to see the rest of my team this weekend at the tournament were going to...soooo excited. well i saw him yesterday i asked him if he would bring me my shorts and he wanted to meet me half way which i thought was stupid but i needed them for volleyball so we met at kroger. he gave me the shorts and we talked. i have to admit he looked good, his hair is shorter his face is shaven and his skin has cleared up and his eyes were really blue. so so blue. but we talked and that was good then we left. hugged twice but whose counting? oh yeah...i am. i did not feel like crying after i saw him though so i count that as a success. i do see ben in the hallways which is really good i texted him earlier and said hey i saw you but i didnt know if i should have said hi so i didnt and he asked why not and i explained how i felt like it would be like a sneak attack coming up from behind and just start talking but he said no he wouldnt care and that i should say hi tomorrow so...yayyyyyy i actually giggled and smiled all goofy when i read it. no i dont like him. we are friends. its just nice to not necessarily be wanted but appreciated is a better one...nope not that either i guess wanted is right just wanted in a different way. so will be saying hi tomorrow when i see him on my way to 6th period. there is also a skink in my room. that freaks me out and im trying not to be on the floor for very long periods of time hopefully it will move on by the time i wake up. oh and we got out of 20 towel pushes today thank the lord. so all in all it has been a terrific day.

more than content but not happy because that is too generic so ill stick with elatedly yours,

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