"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Monday, August 16, 2010

stop lights are for stoping not for flirting

first off i would like to say thank you for posting one for me and then another. it definitely made my morning really happy.

we just got back from a tournament this weekend and we played well but could never finish the game so we ended up loosing a lot more then we really should have. i feel like i played well, a lot better on the second day though. i got a text from him too. and he texted me. made me i wouldnt say happy but i dont know pleased i guess is a better word, that he didnt just cut me off completely. i still need to get my shorts back from him. i also texted ben and sadly we do not have any classes together but maybe we will have lunch or see each other in the hallway. i talked to him all last night which was funny and told him to text me today if he wanted. guess he didnt want to. oh well its whatever. finally in the count down though. 7 days till school starts!! im so excited for this year i have classes with people i know and like and i have a really good schedule especially since i finished my english class for real this time. i just need to find out what im suppose to do with the text book they gave me at schedule pick up.

i went to church tonight for the first time in too long for the almost lock in. it started at 6 and we stayed there till 11:30. it was fun we played volleyball and lot of fun games. there was one guy there who resembled a guy that was in my tech class last year who i kind of was obsessed with and looking back i think wow really what were you thinking. i mean he was cute but he was short and pretty goofy. anyways though this kid probably could have been his twin. so naturally i was thinkin hey your kinda cute and are athletic and are not a total dork. we kinda hung around each other and talked a little but just in a friendly way. i eventually noticed he had left when i went to go get my keys up stairs. but secretly i was having a scenario where he was up there by himself and i walked in and we talked and eventually kissed...yes i know im pathetic. but im okay with that. to my disappointment he was not there and we did not talk and we did not eventually kiss. oh well maybe next time...ha yeah right that was a joke right? no, no it wasnt. anyways. i got my keys and left. on the way home i pulled up at a stop light and a car rolled up next to me i looked over (i also had my windows down and music on) and this mexican guy looked at me while stroking his chin and gave me this almost flirting nod. needless to say i hit the gas as soon as it turned green and checked to see if anyone was following me home. i guess thats the only kind of action im gonna get. sad.

feeling a little empty inside,

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