"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Friday, July 23, 2010


this one is gonna be short sweet and to the point.

today was the last day of camp which im really happy about because i liked it and i had fun but it was tiring. i liked the coaches and the way they talked to us so i might send my information to the college they coach at. but between secessions my mom and i were going to see if we could get our phones today because 4 days ago we were 3rd on the list but when we went in we were 5th. crap i know. so i got mad and went back to camp. where i proceeded to dislocate my shoulder again. fantastic. the good part though was that i made an amazing dig in the process. after camp i went to wings with kailey and then to spoons while i was driving home i got a call from the spring store saying hey you can come get your phones. i was excited. so i called my dad and we got our phones. im walking out of the store and tried to call my mom but i couldnt hear her unless i was on speaker so went back in and he got me a new phone. i got it went home showered. talked to my mom and played on my phone for a long time. then texted him to see if i could get the stuffed animals he bought me back. your thinking wow your such a jerk jack, how could you do that? well i just realized that i basically gave away all physical memories of ever having him in the first place which made me sad because he was my first. plus i just really liked the animals. he said yes so im happy but i dont think he is. his first text came with a smiley face and then they turned into short and what i think to be mad texts. or atleast what his mad texts used to be like. eh i dont know ill try and talk to him tomorrow. now i think ill text ben.

blahdidy blahdidy blah yours,

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