"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Sunday, July 18, 2010

just another day

okay anna so i reread it and i still dont get what you were saying during appetizers...

well i woke up got bombarded by my dad saying come help me with the garage. i was still in my pjs and he wants me to get dressed and help him with cleaning out the garage...normally this isnt something to get upset about but the way he said it then he started to say my room is pathetic and its disgusting. then he moved in to my bathroom and said the same thing. he always does this so im used to it but at the same time his room is never dirty because my mom cleans it. and my room isnt even dirty!! there are shoes on the ground where they always are and i think a shirt and a pair of shorts at the end of my bed but thats it. anyways we got the garage done and it really wasnt that bad. OH! last night i forgot. well i had this strange obsession with a guy named ben in 8th grade and it lasted through 9th grade then i finally got over it. but last night i sent him a chat thing on facebook and we talked for about two hours. crazy! we havent talked since the end of 9th grade. i dont know it was just really weird especially because we used to talk all the time and we basically just picked up where we left off. when he said he had to go to bed he said i could text him tomorrow or he would text me and im thinking ahhhh yessss im so excited because this is a friend that i was really bummed that i lost. so i told him to text me and ive been waiting all day and he finally just texted me. im glad i didnt wait for the text because my original plan was to wait till he texted me and then text johnathan to see if he would bring my stuff over so i would be texting him while he was over. johnathan hates him. so i dont know i guess its kinda like ha ha ha now look what you lost. but that never happened obviously because ben just texted me. i did talk to johnathan though, we are friends and he doesnt have his car back yet. thats basically all i got out of him. so thats basically it about all of that. i did go to church tonight except it wasnt church it was a dinner. a progressive dinnner. appetizers at one persons house dinner at another and dessert at another. so it was all fun got to see you (anna) celina and paige. paige really isnt my favorite, never has been but it was fun and she was pleasant so it was good. i ordered some clothes when got home too. well it was a dress 2 sets of 4 count bracelets and my backpack for next year. plus those jeans i got the other day, man im bankin in the clothes department...oh man...thats it now im doing nothing with my nonexciting life but blogging and checking facebook every 5 minutes to find nothing has changed. i know, you wish you could be me.

routinely yours,

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