"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Friday, July 16, 2010

well, if the jeans fit...

today i woke up to my phone ringing at 9:15, it was my dad, i was not happy. he was telling me i had to work. something he did not tell me last night so i planned on working on the dreaded english work all day. but no i had to work so i filed paper and then went home. it was a joke. i did work on my english though i did another quiz, its not as far as i would have liked to get but its still progress. then i continued to sit around and watch tv but on the plus side i did not sit and snack all day i didnt really eat that much at all granted it wasnt healthy stuff but it wasnt a lot. then thinking man i should really see if kailey wants to go do some sprints so we can get ready and she said she had already ran that morning so we are going to run at 6 in the morning tomorrow and then i will come home and take a shower. travel to georgetown to help my sister move and then come home. some people might call it helping family out, i call it distraction from him. i saw on facebook that he and smack talking jerk of an ex just became friends so it makes me wonder if he deleted her or something or she deleted him...man i wish i could know. i plan on texting him sunday to see if im going to get my stuff back and maybe if we could hang out. i dont even know if i should i mean is it a good idea? would it be wise? i dont know but i do know i just popped my neck both ways and it felt really good...dont judge ha well like i said ive got an early morning and a long day. yay i get to explain why i dont have a boyfriend for the 50,000 time and this time to my smart ass of a sister who will give me crap for it. great. my dad said it best, we wouldnt be his children if we werent smart asses...yeah even he knows its from his side. im gonna sleep if i can im not really tired tonight maybe just half a melatonin will be enough to make me sleep but still allow me to actually wake up when i need to. huh... i guess ill try it, ill take the smaller half.

on a lighter note i got a pair of skinny jeans. finally! hollister on clearence $17.95. get excited.

ill fight for you.

ilequippedly yours,

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