"...the most important relationship to have is with yourself...because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself."

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Monday, July 19, 2010

on the brightside...

i got 7 hours of sleep. not good. i woke up ate breakfast that consisted of recces puffs and then worked on my english. im finally finished reading the crucible. you dont know how excited i am about that fact. most ridiculously stupid story ever. but now all i have to do is take one more quiz over it and then write a paper over it which i plan on b.s.-ing all the way. only because it was really hard for me to concentrate therefore i really didnt pay attention to some important things. but then i went to lunch with kailey and then to open gym where i got to wear my new shoes. that guess what?! are a size 12 1/2!!!! they are awweeesommeeeeeee. so i told my mom we need to order more. i got home from volleyball planning on finishing my lesson that i started earlier that morning but ended up falling asleep and just woke up and hour and half ago. terrific. oh and you will be happy to know that he is doing a great job of being friends. he hasnt texted me and i will not text him unless its about my stuff which i still havent gotten back. let me just go ahead and ask how in the world can you give yourself to someone in every single way and mean it then walk away 2 weeks later...you cant. so hey hermione can i borrow your time turner? cause i really wish i could go back and make this have a different outcome then it did. i did see brandon, one of his friends, today i guess i could call him my friend too. i pulled up next to him at a stop light and waved talked then turned left because the light turned green. ive been talking to his friends more than i have been talking to him. his fault. anyways its my night to text ben first we talked for over 2 hours again last night. i already texted him...about 45 minutes ago. he hasnt texted back. eh maybe he will be on facebook after i post this. which is now.

my mind says let go.
my heart says fight.

ambivalently yours,

p.s. maybe my jeans will come tomorrow :)

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